Monday, October 31, 2011

First Impressions

I know everyone has heard of the expression, "First Impressions are everything". People put so much pressure on themselves when we think about first impressions. Society as a whole puts so much concentration on first impressions. How do you feel about them?

Lets think about it. When you go for a job interview, you wanna wear the perfect suit and tie match for guys and the ladies want to wear that dark power suit with the matching shoes. None of this includes the actual qualifications you have for the job your interviewing for. We want to make that first impression to the company we want to work for. It's the icing on top of your qualifications, personality, etc. Have you ever thought to yourself that companies might actually turn you down because they might not like that suit you are wearing or your outfit. If you dressed the part it shouldn't matter right? Are you to go that much into investigation to find out what your future boss likes as far as clothes, hairstyle, haircuts, etc. No because that's impossible. What about personality? Are you suppose to figure out if they are laid back, comedians, serious, etc? There is no way of knowing.

What about in the dating world? Guys want to have the fresh out the shop look for that first date and ladies want to look good as well. But is that really the first time you are meeting them? Unless it's online dating right? Think about it, some people meet the opposite sex while they are working at their jobs, working out at the gym or out at the market. There is no way you can be fresh to death sweating it up at the gym, working on a construction site, or rocking the sweat pants and sweatshirt at the market. How do you find that person attractive. Really that's the first time meeting them so what's the first impression? Is it the persons smile, do they have that certain look that draws you in? What about meeting your mates parents for the first time? That's important right? You are probably picking at your mate for tips for what they like, what they don't like and is my outfit appropriate. Really think about it.

The point I am trying to make is, how about being yourself? That's the best first impression you can give. Don't worry about what society will say. This is you, this is who you are. You are giving everyone an injustice if you are not being yourself. It's takes so much pressure off yourself and you are giving that person on the other side who you really are. Isn't that a great feeling? Try it and let me know how that works out. Not saying you should be a slob but be who you are.

First impressions, any thoughts, comments, ideas and concerns? Talk to me...


  1. I had an opportunity to make a first impression tonight. I was myself with no extras. I wore jeans, a tee-shirt, and sneaks. I wasn't 'fresh to death', but I wasn't a hot mess, either. It was wonderful!!!! I hope I made an excellent first impression. There's a chance I did OK, because there is a chance to make a second impression. :-) Being yourself is amazingly liberating. You won't think that it would be so different, but once you take a look at yourself you realize that you are not always true to who you are. Be yourself!!! Be true!!! Be Happy!!!

  2. If only we could keep it real like we want to all the time... But what's keeping us from it? Everything! The entire society conditions us to be what we aren't. It's sad. With age I'm realizing how much of the mask we all need to shed (I feel a blog posting coming on this very topic!) Let's agree to keep it 100 whether we're at work, the gym, the store, or just lolling about at home.

    Good food for thought, Keazy! Keep it coming!

  3. I remember being invited to a former co-worker's church many years ago. She showed us a video with T.D. Jakes talking about the different masks people wear in public. After the video, my co-worker admitted to us that behind her mask, she had hid her drug addiction from us.
    Years later, she and her husband have their own church, but sad to say, she has still maintained a mask, although one of a different kind.

  4. I really love this blog and i totally agree. As a teenager I was really insecure (still am, but working hard on it) and I always felt when meeting people that because I felt ugly and was overweight that I really had to over compensate with my bubbly and outgoing personality. Not only that but I felt I had to be self deprecating so that people felt comfortable with my weight. Now that I'm older I realize how unnecessary it was. I have amazing friends who love me for me and don't care what I look like. Im still bubbly and outgoing but its never forced. I am who I am. I have also lost some weight and become more confident in myself physically and as a person and it makes a difference. We really do need to just go into things being real because we're only hurting ourselves otherwise. When I meet someone I want to meet the real them so I'm going to give them the real me.

    Again, great post!. x

  5. Bailey, thanks for your comments and reading this post. More to come. I couldn't agree with you more about wanting to meet the real person and not the fake one. Sadly it happens everyday without any hesitation