Sunday, October 9, 2011

Touch Me

Touch me like you want me to be here, look at me like you want me to stay,
Hold me in your arms and send all your love this way
Feel my heartbeat as I want it to be connected with yours
I want to be on the same page as with you through thick and thin
Help me become a better man, help mold me to the man I am suppose to be
Touch my soul with your love; help me take my passion to the next level
Hold me down like two best friends since childhood
Protect my heart like you belong in the center of it
Lift me up when I am feeling down, take my breath away with the love you have inside
I am only human and we all make mistakes, please forgive me for what I have done
I am a better man because of you, please help me understand
I want to take ownership of that heart that beats through the veins of your body
Protect it with honor and never let it drift away
These are the reason I reach out and always want you to stay.

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