Sunday, October 9, 2011


I am connected with you like no other person that I have grown to know
You know me the best, better than the horizon knows the sunrise and sunset
One look from you and forever you will know how I feel
I never take a day for granted and as the wind blows, you still remain in my heart
I can’t imagine my life without you in it, Please decide to stay
Take my heart and place it inside yours because that’s where I want to be
Being with you, sleeping with you, walking with you, speaking with you.
Butterflies still are in my stomach within every site of you or the sound of your voice.


  1. Nice poem. What is the back ground story? Is it a new piece or old? What was happening in your life that inspired you to write it? I am not a poet so I am alwyas interested in the full story behind the poem.

  2. The full story is that I wrote it for one of my friends. He was and still is going through somethings with his girlfriend and he told me how he felt. I put myself in his shoes and the words started pouring out. Sometimes, I put myself into situations to write.