Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter to Grandma, I miss you

I had a wonderful time with my niece yesterday. She is just a joy. While she was playing around with my mother, it reminded me of my grandma. She yelled grandma so many times yesterday that it made me think of my grandma that passes away this summer. I really miss her a lot. I miss the traditions that she instilled in us as a family. Seeing my niece interact with my mom, it think it brought a joy to my mom and more healing to her getting pass the passing of her mother.

Growing up for me, there was nothing better than spending time with my grandma. She would always spoil us as kids because she could and give us back to our parents. There was a time when my niece asked "Grandma, I want to sit on your lap" and she just climb on my mothers nap with this big smile on her face. My mother's face lit up as well and she just sat there asking questions and relaxing. I had to take a step back and think that when i was a kid, i did the same thing

Grandma, I am doing fine, I really miss you a lot. I miss your wisdom, your cooking, your guidance, your smiling face. I am sorry you did not get a chance to meet your latest great grand child (my niece). You would have loved her. I know you are looking down on her and us right now and just shining your light on us. Your grand children are doing fine and your children are still arguing but I know you know that. You are the glue to this family and I will not let those traditions die. I wish I had one of your homemade biscuits and plate of ox tails, rice and gravy, and string beans, and you famous punch that you use to keep on the washer in the cooler.

I know that in life that you would not always be here but I was not ready for you to go just yet. You didn't get a chance to meet my children that I have not had yet, meet my wife that I don't have yet. I just know that all the in laws to the family love you and you have showed them love from the minute you met them. Towards the end, I wish I spent more time with you. I know you lived in South Carolina and I lived in Philadelphia but I miss you. I miss the phone calls on Sundays when I called. You are an amazing woman and I am glad that you were in my life. You taught me so much and I will continue to keep those values. You will always be in my heart Grandma Sarah!

Your Loving Grandson,
Kevin Charles Jones


  1. This is a very moving tribute to your Grandma. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a beautiful tribute. I'm sure she would be honored. Thank you for sharing her with us!

  3. Thank you ladies. This is real therapy for me. Thanks for all of your support. I really means a lot to me

  4. Beautiful tribute to your grandma! So sweet. Thanks for sharing. :)