Saturday, October 8, 2011

To Seal (Letter to my future wife)

To seal is to keep something inside safe and tight,
With you I want to seal your heart and hold you through the night.
With that, our souls unite and both of our hearts take flight.
The next level we go where many have been before,
The love is sweet and kind and it opens up the doors.
Feelings are shared like no one has ever known
My mind, body, and spirit has grown.
The words in this poem I seal with a kiss,
Every time you read this I hope you reminisce.
What could be with you and me,
The feelings are so strong the naked eye can't see
A feeling that is drawn unlike no other
A feeling deeper than one of a cousin, sister, or brother
Missing each other more even when we are in each others arms
We keep each other safe from fear and harm
My destiny awaits to open those gates
That deep burning inside, I always sallow my pride
Those feelings even you can't deny
Imagine these feeling being expressed on a breezy autumn day that will connect our souls on a level supreme to all
I will always be here whenever you call
A feeling that you can never stop giving yourself to each other
Passion, hurt, and tears but you still can't stop
Feelings you hold on to and will never drop
The point of no return as the fire in our heart burns
Slowly melting on each other as we live and learn
The give and the take, all the love we will make, hand and hand there will be no mistakes
I seal this poem with all of my undying love from me to you
Now tell me do you feel the same way I feel about you!


  1. What a lucky woman she is to be on the receiving end of such poetry!

  2. Thank you so much Drama Mama. Although this woman has not revealed herself yet, I am pretty sure this is the way I will feel

  3. Kevin that is really beautiful. In due time I'm sure you will find that someone you will be able to express this to. Very Lucky Lady whom ever she will be...

  4. Thank you for reading it Anonymous. I think she will love this whom ever she will be.

  5. I think it is really great that you are able to express your feelings and emotions so well. I'm sure that is a quality that will serve you well in your relationships.

  6. Thank you Chasing Joy. I have always been a expressive person. I don't like to keep things in. Hope you enjoyed the reading.