Friday, October 21, 2011

Things That I would like to do but have not gotten the chance to

I was reading Chasing Joy's post on 22 things that she would like to do but not have done yet while chasing joy. I thought this topic would be great for me to do so here it goes. Also, please check out Chasing Joy's blog @ . Amazing writer and very inspiring. Chase Joy with her. Here is my list: I am 33 and I have never:

1) Never been to Disney Land (want to see if its any different from Disney World)
2) Learned how to swim
3) Been to Miami
4) Been to Las Vegas
5) Cooked a five course meal
6) Never been Sking
7) Visited the Mid-West
8) Been to Hawaii
9) Been on a cruise
10) Saw a show on Broadway
11) Jet Skiing (need to learn how to swim first)
12) Ran a marathon
13) Been on a hot air baloon
14) Recorded a song
15) Driven across the country
16) Been to Ground Zero in New York
17) Successfully driven a stick shift
18) Been to a pumpkin patch or harvest as an adult
19) Been to Greece
20) Been to any of the Caribbean Islands
21) Scuba Diving  (again, need to learn how to swim)
22) Been to every single Major League Baseball field to see a game!

Can you guys come up with your own list?? let me know !!


  1. I live near the happiest place on earth! It's a must! Hope you'll have a chance to experience it sometime soon.

  2. I keep seeing these lists and I'm thinking they ar a great idea!! I'm going to have to put mine together at some point to!

    This Saturday I'm harvesting my pumpkins out of my first ever backyard pumpkin patch here in NYC (I have 4 pumpkins!), then heading out to Broadway - perhaps you should swing by, we can stop by Ground Zero to pay our respects on the way. (Oh... and I was on the swim team in HS - I can help you out if we can find an indoor pool!)