Friday, November 11, 2011

Until It's Gone

I was watching television the other day and I came across singer Monica's latest single "Until It's Gone" video. I caught it at the end so I really didn't catch the words. I like the beat and everything and I told myself I would look it up on youtube. So I watched the video this morning and I was amazed by the words and the plot of the video. Normally when you look at videos, most of them don't really have any real meaning. This one was very deep and I was drawn in more and more as the song played. I think this is the first video that I actually had to fight back tears. I know what you are saying, its just a video but I believe it is a very powerful one. All these emotions just came over me just like that.

Have you ever thought about having something or someone in your life that's good and you took it for granted and didn't realize it until its gone? I know I have and I have had females that I have had past relationships with tell me that they missed me and no other man has treated me and loved me the way I have. Apology after apology I got saying I didn't know what I had till it was gone. I can say to myself that I helped contribute to a breakup of a wonderful woman that I have loved very much but it just didn't work out.

I think about this in all of our relationships in life with potential mates, family member's, and friendships. I took my relationship with my grandmother for granted a little because I always thought she would be there. I would say to myself I will go visit her is later on in the month and then that month turns into 6 and then in July she passed away. I knew she was sick and I took for granted that she would pull through and she didn't. I really wanted to say goodbye to her before she passed and tell her how much I loved her. I know she is looking down on me now as I am writing this and she knows what's in my heart, along with my other loved ones.

I ask of my New Beginners that we mend all those relationships you have had that you took for granted. If you really love something, you will work hard to keep it. If not, its really not worth having at all. Don't have the person saying to you "your going to miss me when I am gone". Cherish those moments with your loved ones and don't take it for granted because they can be snatched out of you life in a instant. Just like that they could be gone. Accidents can happen along with tragedies. Tell those special people in your life that you love them and show them as well because its really hard to do when they are gone.


  1. I agree. Two of the worst feeling are feeling unappreciated and feeling that you took someone forgranted and it is too late to fix it.


  2. very true words. its super important to me that those i love know that i do.

  3. We said..we all need to heal broken relationships!!