Monday, November 28, 2011

Is Retail Taking Over The Thanksgiving Holiday?

Over the last couple of Thanksgiving Holidays I have notice a trend that has become overwhelming over the last couple of years. Why are retail stores open on Thanksgiving? There was a time when I was a kid that no stores were open on this holiday. The government has given us a day to give thanks for the blessings we have and spend time with family and friends. With that being said, why would anyone want to be open on the 4th Thursday of November every year? Don't the retail stores have families and friends that they would like to spend time with? I just think this being open on thanksgiving and opening up at midnight on black Friday is starting to get out of hand.

I work part time for a retail store and I had to work black Friday from midnight to 9 am.  Being as though I had to work overnight, I slept for the most part of the day so I would be awake for the midnight rush. I barely spent time with my family on the day we are suppose to give thanks. I woke up to eat and went back to sleep. Not having those normal traditions in my family like watching football all day with my father, going to church as a family and smelling the good cooking going on from the kitchen from my mother. I was robbed of those traditions for the first time in my life and I don't know how I felt about this.

I was never a black Friday type of guy and have only ventured out only once a couple of years back for a midnight sale at the outlets and I told myself I would never do it again. First, i was missing the Eagles game and the only reason I went was to take my former fiance up there. I left my house around 10 pm and had smooth sailing until I got 1 mile to the exit where I was suppose to get off at. I sat in traffic for 2 1/2 hours just to reach the exit off of 422. Then it took another 1 1/2 hours just to get to the entrance of the outlets. Then it was no parking whatsoever so I drove around for 2 1/2 hours trying to find parking. Finally parked and walked to the coach store to get a purse only to wait in line and hour just to get into the store. After in the store, picked the purse for my mother and her and waited in the checkout line for 2 hours. Meanwhile I am looking outside and it looks like the sun is about to come up. I got home at almost 7am and I saw my dad and he said you are just now getting home and laughed at me. Never again.

As I walked into work around 11:30pm there was a line around the corner with people waiting to get in. People had lawn chairs and coolers like they were out there all day. I am saying to myself, don't these people have families? Why are they out here camped out and not at home resting from all the fun stuff you did all day with your families? I know that these sales are really good and tempting but waiting in line all day is it really worth it? Does anybody remember when stores use to open at 6 am and not midnight? I think 6 am is good, why did they push it back to midnight? Before you know it, black Friday will be black Thursday and and Thanksgiving will not be a holiday anymore and just a shopping day.

Have we lost the value of family and friends on Thanksgiving? Are we just waiting till we can pack up the car and wait in line to get a sale? Is that the priority now? Don't get me wrong I think Black Friday is a wonderful idea and lots of companies profit so much on this day alone but what's the difference in 6 hours? Open up at 6 am instead of midnight. And the places that don't close at all why? Give those employees a chance to give thanks on the day they have been given to do that. How do you guys feel about it? Where you camping out in lines since 6pm on Thanksgiving? Did you cut your family and friend time short just to catch a sale? Let me know you thoughts. 


  1. I'm not into the whole Black Friday thing, in general, but I think it's nearly a sporting event for some folks!

    As a former small business owner, I am keenly aware of how hard Mom & Pop shops struggle to make a go of it.

    So throughout the year, I vote with my dollars by choosing small shops over big ones as often as possible.

    Even so, I did hit up Walmart on Black Friday (we were out of eggs or something.)

    One thing I like about Europe is how shops are actually closed on holidays and that's that!

    Anyway, nice to meet you. This is my first trip to your blog which I found via Chasing Joy! :)


  2. Hey Keazy! I have never been a fan of Black Friday and a little bit about me I am Ms. Positivity but when it comes to crowds Im not so positive. I do not do well with huge crowds of ppl running around to catch a deal. I am a family person. I like you remember when no store were open, you had to struggle to find that one store if you happened to forget something. Families should be home having dinner and taking pictures, sharing laughs and tons more. I feel the same has the world just become a huge shopping spree on the holiday. Well I will never partake in such actions....I will take family or a good deal any day!

    Hang in there you're not alone!

  3. This year was the first time my mom and I went out for black friday. we went more out of curiosity than anything else.

    I say to each his own. I know some people do black friday shopping as part of their holiday traditions. They all go together and have breakfast after.

    It will probably never be a part of my tradition though.

    I do feel bad about the workers. But I feel bad for retail employees during the whole holiday season. When My mom worked retail she was miserable almosth every work day from thanksgiving to the week after new years. The lines, the crowds, and most of the customers treat the employees like crap.

    From the business side I understand why they do it. If people were going to get in line to give Keazy money wouldn't you be open to receive it??? It is especially real when the week after thanks giving you walk in shopping areas and see the out of business signs for the companies that did not go into the black on black friday.