Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Have To Do Better

Okay everyone. I have to go in on this topic because it honestly hurts my heart. I went to the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) here in Philadelphia to support my mom as she is a witness to a horrible crime. My mother is a nanny and a woman tried to kidnap the child from my mom. Crazy right? Ok, well here goes my rant.

It cost so much to drive into Center City so I decided to park at a train station and ride the subway to the court house. While on the train a bunch of high school students were talking among themselves and one of the kids said that "My mom is about to kick me out the house and I have nowhere to go". His friend told him "Real talk, go out and commit a crime and go to jail. You have a place to stay, food to eat, and you don't have to pay rent". I was so shocked on what I heard. I had to just sit there and process what I just heard. Is it that bad out here people? I feel the generation behind me is in trouble if statements like that are being made. Th scary thing about this is he was dead serious. He said his cousin did commit a crime to go to jail because he had nowhere to stay. He said he robbed someone. Wow!

As I got to CJC we all went through metal detectors and proceeded to the courtroom. Other than jury duty, this is my first time being in a courtroom. I must say that it was a sight to see. I never knew you could have multiple cases being heard in one courtroom. My mom finally gets there and I walk in with her and we proceed to the front row. She had to check in with the Commonwealth letting them know she was there and they told her to sit tight, the judge is not here yet. I am looking around and I notice that lots of people are extremely dressed down. The only people dressed nice were the lawyers, my mom, the parents of the child my mom is a nanny for, and myself. As some of the defendants were dressed in white t-shirts, jeans, and timberlands. Are you serious??? Where is the respect for the courtroom?? Does anybody care about that? I am just there for moral support and I had on khakis, shirt, and a tie. I would never come to court dressed like that and I am not saying its wrong because some people just might not know. I was raised differently as when I was child, my parents made sure I was dressed appropriately for every occasion.

The last rant I have is how the defendants answered to their names being called. I would have never answered to the court clerk in the way these defendants did. The clerk clearly stated that when your name is called raise your hand and answer present. That is not what went down. All but a couple of defendants answered "Yo" when their name was called. What part of the game is this??? I was absolutely shocked as I was hearing this. If I was the judge, I would have thrown each and everyone of them out the courtroom and hold them in contempt. Where is the respect factor? I guess the judge must be so use to it that she didn't care and if that's so, this is very sad. The courtroom is not the block and should be held to a hire standard as its the court of law.

As a male in this society, I feel like I have let some of these young men down. I take it personal when our younger generation acts in this matter. I want to save more than a little but can't save them all. There has got to be a way for us to fix this. I know I was raised differently than most but if this is not stopped, it can only get worse. Am I wrong for feeling angry and hurt? What are your thoughts?


  1. Terrence EdwardsMarch 8, 2012 at 5:23 PM

    Excellent work brother!!!

  2. I really feel you on this, Keazy. You're not wrong to feel angry and hurt. I do believe a lot of the behavior (dress code, responses) is due to ignorance on the part of the defendants. If they don't know better, they can't do better.

    But you are right, hearing that conversation on the subway must have been shocking. It goes to prove that we are sheltered in many ways from what is reality for many of our youths.

    And if you can help one person move out of that mindset and lifestyle, Keazy, you will have made a difference. Go for it!