Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding your purpose and passion

Some people spend their whole lifetime trying to find out what your purpose is. Some people run from it, some people accept it, some people just flat out ignore it. I for one have found my purpose in life and I believe that I have been placed on this earth to help people. Growing up, I realized that I always wanted to help my mom and dad do things around the house. I always was the helpful person in school to my classmates and later on in my lifetime now, my friends use to call me Dr. Phil because I would help them out in their relationships. Never could figure out why I never followed my own advice in that department but that's another topic.

Just looking at all the jobs I have had, I was always in a position to help people. Being a cashier for the PPA, helping customers and giving them advice on if they should fight boots, tickets, and towing charges. Running Arcadia University's Mail room, making suggestions on certain things to help the school save money. Working for Enterprise and helping customer pick out the right car for that important trip or business meeting they had to attend. Now I am working for a non profit org and helping people in every way I can. I love every minute of it. I might not have liked the hours at some of these jobs but I always felt fulfilled going home knowing that I have helped someone in some way every single day.

As long as I am helping people, I think my purpose is being met every single day. Have you ever thought about your purpose, your passion, your desires? Have you ignored them because you are afraid? Take time you listen to your heart, your mind because it is always telling you something. Don't run away from your passion or purpose, accept it and see how much your life changes

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  1. I used to wonder what my talent was. I have discovered that I have a talent for encourging others. People often come into my life when they are on the verge of a new experience and in need of a little push towards what they really want to do.